Fields to Face: Hops Soothe, Protect & Revitalize

NinaGUEST BLOGGER:  Nina Ummel, Ummelina Spa

I am a farm girl from Indiana and had never seen hop fields before. And WOW – they are really fascinating! I love the long rows of this beautiful vine climbing up to the top of the twine.  The delightful yellow-green cone shaped flower clusters hang among the dark green, heart-shaped leaves with finely toothed edges.  Only the female hops and flowers are used for medicinal purposes.  Learning about hops from field to your skin is best done right here in the Yakima Valley!  Come tour the hops, drink the brew and experience the hops cleansing power to soothe, protect and revitalize your skin at Ummelina.  A “Revive Facial” is our ritual utilizing products with hop extract. Or just drop in and we will give you a complimentary facial cleansing in our Global Remedies Store.  If you would like multiple services utlizing the benefits of Yakima Hops, call to schedule the “Yakima Hops Journey.”

Look for our new Organic Hops Herbal Tea arriving soon from our Tea Spa…wonderful for stress, anxiety and a good night’s sleep.  It helps with menopause and PMS symptoms, good diuretic with anti-inflammatory ability for arthritis, plus soothes the GI tract.  And I will blend it to taste great too. Now that sounds like the cup of tea we all need!

Find out more at  Ummelina Yakima Valley Spa Retreat

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