Living at Ground Zero in the U.S. Beer World

IMG_3209I will never forget a night when I first moved to Yakima in the winter of 2007.  It was a cold clear night and a million stars could be seen across the Valley sky. I was leaving Bob’s Keg and Cork on North Front Street after a few IPAs. As I walked outside, I was met with the strong pungent aroma of hops from one of the nearby hop processors in downtown Yakima. As I walked home, it was amazing, the whole downtown smelled like hops. It was at that moment I realized that I was living in the hop capital of the United States.

Before moving to Yakima, I was a beer tourist (I still am). If I was in Vermont, I’d head to Long Trail Brewery. When I was in Montana I’d go to Big Sky Brewing Company or if I was in Colorado I’d head to Breckinridge Brewing Company. Now, I live at ground zero.

Yakima is a great place to have a beer. Of all the things that make the Valley unique, I’d have to say it’s the people that make us stand out . You’ll be sure to meet some of the finest people at one of our breweries or brew pubs. It’s an authentic experience. At Bob’s Keg and Cork or the Sports Center, don’t be surprised to find yourself having a beer with one of our judges, farmers or other folks that make this town great. The conversation can be spirited and fun.

In the months to come, follow this blog and learn more about all the ways that the Yakima Valley is the hop capital of the United States.

Sean Hawkins
Economic Development Manager
City of Yakima

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