Yakima Valley Spirits, Brewery and Wineries featured in Sunset

Grab the November issue of Sunset magazine for some fun reading on the Yakima Valley, including a number of the features along the Spirits and Hops Trail like Bale Breaker Brewing Company and Glacier Basin Distillery.

The opening heading says it all:  “Why You’ll Love the Yakima Valley in Washington: Taste wine on a mountaintop, tour a Prohibition-era hop farm, and eat tacos with the locals in eastern Washington’s agricultural wonderland.”

Read the article for yourself here.


Bale Breaker Brewery Featured in Seattle Magazine

baleBreaker-5Washington state beer guru and writer Kendall Jones penned a piece about our local hop heroes at Bale Baker Brewery for Seattle Magazine. Here’s an excerpt:

“You might not know it, but each year Washington produces approximately 75 percent of the United States’ hops crop and 25 percent of the world’s, and virtually all of our state’s hops are grown in the Yakima Valley by a handful of families that have been doing it for generations. While the family farming tradition continues, some children of the hops have ventured off the farm. But they have not ventured far.

Kevin Smith and Meghann (Smith) Quinn didn’t even leave the family farm to open their brewery; the siblings built Bale Breaker Brewing, which opened in April, in Field 41, right in the middle of the family’s hop fields just a few miles east of Yakima on State Route 24 (Meghann’s husband, Kevin Quinn, is in charge of sales). Mike Smith, the patriarch of the family, tells us that his eldest son, Patrick, will take over the family’s farm someday, and he glows with pride when he talks about what his other two children have brewing.”

Want to read more? Here’s the full online story. Congratulations Bale Breaker! Happy brewing.

Pairing Craft Beers With Food

Yesterday, the Yakima Herald Republic published a great piece on the local craft beer scene and how to pair craft beers with various foods. Below is an excerpt and link to the full story:

“When it comes to the Yakima Valley’s wine industry, food pairing is a well-established art. Most people already have a basic grasp of the red-wine-with-red-meat, white-wine-with-poultry rules. And there are dozens of vineyards and tasting rooms with well-trained sommeliers to help you find that perfect bottle to complement your meal.

But if it all feels just a little bit too stuffy — or if wine just isn’t your thing — don’t fret. The Valley has a place for you, too.

Welcome to Beer Country.

The Yakima Valley has seen the growth of craft breweries in recent years as more entrepreneurs decide to take advantage of the No. 1 hop-producing area in the country.”

To read the full article click here.